Indianapolis 500 Party

A successful Indianapolis 500 party will definitely require a lot of arrangements and for that reason you have to be sure that every thing is in a perfect order. For this party, you need to see as to how much of a budget you have. If you have a limited budget then this party can be arranged at home, but if you have a strong budget then this can be arranged as an outdoor party, with lots of fun and excitement.

Race The Cars

With arranging the Indianapolis 500 Party as an outdoor event, you can get a race track for a few hours where you can do a race. For this event you can rent out the cars as well and it would be really good if you hire a professional who can schedule all this for you. The cars can be rented according to my friend at roofer Roswell by the number of the individuals who want to participate in the race. The laps for the race can be set according to the budget you can come up with. The participants must be informed about the rules of the race and must wear all the protective gear that is needed and provided by the race track owners. The participants who will win the race will be known as the champ of the Indianapolis 500. You can add this exciting event as an Indianapolis 500 Party Game.

Wear A Hat Game

In this Indianapolis 500 Party Game, the participants have to run to a table where there would be hats placed, the number of the hats would be one less in number compared to the number of the players. The players are going to run to the table when the checkered flag is dropped and wear the hats, there would be one person who is going to be left without the hat who is going to be eliminated. This game is going to go on until only one person is wearing the hat and will be termed as the winner of the game Wear A Hat and will be awarded a prize.

It is really important that the party should be arranged in a way that everyone can have fun and remember it for a long time to come and should feel really good about the outcome.

The Indianapolis 500-Miles Race is the brainchild of the flamboyant automotive pioneer Carl Fisher. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway complex was constructed in 1909 as a gravel and tar track. Some small events were hosted on it before the promoters decided that it will be used for just one major event.

The track being graveled and tarred had its fair share of accidents leading to deaths of both participants and spectators. The whole track was paved with nearly 3.2 million bricks and the 500 mile (805 kilometers) track acquired a privileged status rapidly.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Grounds are spread over an area of 1025 acres which includes the Track, Brickyard Crossing Golf Course and all the parking lots. The racing field also has 26 bridges and six tunnels for the racers. There are 17 grandstands and if they were laid ene to end in a straight line, they would stretch to 99.5 miles.

The Indy 500 as it is more fondly known is considered to be the Greatest Spectacle in Racing and is one of the three most famous and significant motorsports events in the world. It is usually said that nearly 250, 000 people attend the race and the infield seating which raises the capacity to an approximate 400,000. The car racing event has been organized consistently each year since 1911 barring the period of the two World Wars.

Ray Harroun was the winner of the First 500-Mile Race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and carried home a prize money worth of fourteen thousand dollars. The prize money had topped the three million mark in 2009. For the first several decades, the race did not entertain female participants and as such the female reporters were not allowed to enter the pit area till 1971. Till date there have been seven female participants for this race.

The average Indianapolis 500 party is either held as a theme for someone’s birthday or as a pre-race event before and sometimes during and after the big race. However you can add a dash of country western style and make the party even more interesting and fun, because an additional theme adds a plethora of new activities for guests. Why not open up a dance floor and blast out some good ole’ country music for the guests to dance too? Doing the electric slide sure builds up an appetite and the guests will be craving your delicious BBQ. Of course any party with a country western twist and Indianapolis 500 fans need to have some great BBQ.

For the menu try cooking up some western style spare ribs on the grill. Baked beans are easy to open and add a little beer to for flavor. Mashed taters fit the bill for filling treats, but you may need to make up some gravy for them. If you just want to serve up some appetizers try putting out a large tray of Nachos, western style, with pulled BBQ beef, lettuce and extra sharp cheddar cheese.

To decorate your Indianapolis 500 party you can add a mix of both themes. Use the Indianapolis 500 paper goods, such as napkins and plates and try putting up some wall hangings of racecars and driving teams related posters. You can also pick up some inflatable guitars and country boots to blow up and leave around the room. Play that country music in the background to add to the atmosphere and greet your guests in a cowboy hat and boots for fun. Cheap cowboy hats bought in bulk can make for great party favors to give to the guests.



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