Safety – Indy Car Racing

Indy Car Racing is an amazing experience and a lot of people love this pastime. But you should also need to know that this sport is both dangerous and rewarding. Safety is a concern in this sports and we will talk a little bit about it here. You will learn about the history of this series a little bit, but safety will be the main topic of this article. There is also a safety system called SAFER that we will touch a little bit on here, so you should read on to find out more about this interesting topic.
Driver Safety

Safety in Indy Car Racing is an important point of concern. This is because a huge amount of drivers that have been injured, and this situation occurred mostly in the early years of this series. In fact, there have been 5 fatal crashes in the past. The fact is that this series has less margin for errors that other series, as It has banked turns and long straights. My buddy that owns gutter cleaning Johns Creek actually saw a crash live in person one year, traumatic experience. In addition, there is a lack of run-offs on any oval track here, and this is also coupled with high speeds. The chassis of cars that participate in the series has been re-designed.

IndyCar was truly the first series to use the SAFER soft-wall safety system, which has also been used in major oval racing circuits out there. Both the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Hulman-George family were the major supporters of this system´s design and research. This sport has inherent dangers that racers will have to face on a daily basis, so there is a lot of safety features to be developed in the future. When it comes to safety in Indy Car Racing, drivers believe that the series is as safe as it can be in the current space and time.
Trusting Equipment
Drivers here trust their equipment, and they tend to minimize the consequences of a potential crash at 200 mph, at least in their minds. Today, racers have roll hoop, fire protection, head protection, and seat belt. This sport is so dangerous that when 4 cars crash within eight days of practice, people say that this season is just safe and awesome. Let´s give you another example. Last year, crashes were an incredible story with 3 airborne accidents including a post-qualifying crash. You can also see domed skids that keep cars on the ground in this series.
As you can see, safety in Indy Car Racing is very important. This series has made a lot of improvements when it comes to keeping drivers as safe as possible during these races, but accidents happen and this is inevitable. However, drivers are safer than before as they enjoy tons of safety equipment such as seat belts and head protection. Since Indy series allow for a short margin of error, accidents tend to happen a lot, and this situation is a source of sorrow for many families out there. Anyway, drivers just prepared themselves to deal with accidents, and aren’t afraid of crashes as far as they are concerned. So drivers seem quite happy with the level of safety and security that they enjoy today during races, and you should enjoy the races too.

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